Sunday, September 26, 2010

clock on the wall

the clock on the wall,
was the clock in his head,
a friend lay fading,
on a broken bed,
nurses, doctors,
needles, medications,
anatomical extrapolations,
this was the fall of a man,
a fall of nations,
a shadow, an echo,
a crumbling of the foundations,
of what had been built,
through time,
through fight,
yet quickly,
in the night,
the very sickness that would make a struggle,
to get from bed to urinal,
reduce truth to a kernel,

would in a breath,
take what was temporal,
and make it eternal.

(photo by D. Neutel)


Square Corner said...

Excellent and moving piece. Liked it so much, took "Clock on The Wall" and put it into my own poem. Very inspiring work, HP

Brother Ollie said...

Dox - yes - get to the heart of the human condition.