Wednesday, September 08, 2010

thy temple

sycophants, parasites, snakes and witches,
a shivering dog's coat matted with blood,
land fills, sewage, torn flesh, defecate,
an unemployed man vomits rivers of anxious bile,
regret, self-loathing, confusion, nausea,
a prostitute fills needle holes with poison,
a knifed punch, kicking, biting, cutting,
a elderly man suffocates alone,
failure, rejection, a nightmare, a virus
urban narcissism, suburban numbness, rural ignorance
the illusion of civilization,
the essence of fear, dependency and frailty,
a broken-hearted mother sits in a church and weeps softly to a silent
as her starving baby chokes on the crust of this rotten world.


Fisheye Lens said...

A wondrously organic and tactile piece. A lot of ideas in here that sadly I won't have world enough and to digest until the ubersession on October 1. "Rural ignorance" will need to be addressed.

Brother Ollie said...

no Shalom - no Shalom

Johnny Cash

Square Corner said...

Man, that was dark. But I like dark. That's where a poet's best stories are found.