Thursday, September 16, 2010

drive-thru haikus

leaves touch pavement

starry skies of summer end
please don't go

grey skies hang
my loneliness seems more visceral
where's my smokes?

plume of smoke
burning leaves smell blows past
cold misty hands

remembering back then
kissing her in the rain
change is hard

fall then winter
seems like things die slowly
beds get cold

this old sweater
good for drinking big pints
cherry pipe tobacco

life the search
art is the universal religion
birth through knowledge

lost at sea
"great writers steer you home"
bloggers remind me


Brother Ollie said...

Bashing like Basho!


Square Corner said...

These haikus drive right through the heart. Thoughtful, raw. Compelling as always.

Fisheye Lens said...

I'm gettin' my pint-drinking sweater out of the mothballs -- October 1 the Information will finally be slain